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Thank you for your interest in JA Finance Park® Virtual! By registering here, you’ll be able to complete an adaptation of the JA Finance Park Virtual program. After registering to participate, you will be placed in an online world where you’ll be given a fictional job, age, income, and education, and be tasked with balancing a personal budget and making life decisions.

Balancing a personal budget can involve tough choices! After completing this version of JA Finance Park Virtual, you might feel like you need more information. If you are a student, have your parent or teacher contact your local Junior Achievement area office to find out if they can bring the complete JA Finance Park Virtual experience into your classroom.

In certain locations, local Junior Achievement area offices can work with teachers to provide four weeks of classroom curriculum and interactive lessons, community volunteers to help bring the program to life, and an in-depth virtual simulation with even more challenges, decisions, and activities!

Use the form below to begin creating a new account. Please note: If you are already involved with JA Finance Park Virtual, you should already have an account to access the virtual simulation created for you. Please consult your teacher or supervisor.

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